The inside of a Blu-ray Disc recorder "DMR-BW900"
The inside of a Blu-ray Disc recorder "DMR-BW900"
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Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. gave an explanation of "UniPhier," a 45nm-generation SoC (system on a chip) that was adopted for a Blu-ray Disc recorder and DVD recorder exhibited at CEATEC Japan 2007 (See related article 1). The briefing session took place at one of the hotels in Tokyo.

The number of transistors on the UniPhier is 250 million, about ten times as many as that on the 180nm chip announced in 2000. Also, the UniPhier's power consumption and substrate area are decreased by 70% and 94%, respectively. The number of main LSIs decreased from 17 to 1.

At the session, making some additional explanations to what was announced in June 2007 (See related article 2), Matsushita introduced the company's efforts on the UniPhier. Also, the inside of "DMR-BW900," a Blu-ray Disc recorder announced at the CEATEC, was revealed.

Though the UniPhier is equipped with a Codec compatible with MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 High Profile and a 3D graphic engine, the power consumption was lowered due to the 45nm-process. The UniPhier does not require a fan to cool down because it can radiate heat from the plastic package. The chip is mass-produced at the 300mm line of Matsushita's Uozu plant.