JVC's 180 Hz operation LCD panel (left side of the screen)
JVC's 180 Hz operation LCD panel (left side of the screen)
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Victor Company of Japan Ltd. (JVC) displayed a 32-inch LCD panel with an increased panel operation frequency of 180 Hz at CEATEC Japan 2007, which began on Oct. 2, 2007.

Using JVC's proprietary algorithm, the LCD panel predicts, produces and inserts 2 additional frames of images every second in a standard video stream at 60 fps. Compared with 120 Hz, the frequency at which most current LCD TVs operate, the 180 Hz operation "can realize smoother, higher resolution images," JVC insisted.

Asked about a moving picture response time (MPRT) at the higher operation frequency, JVC refrained from specifying and just said, "We can't answer that question." The company, however, stated that this LCD panel "uses standard LCD materials and therefore its response is not quick." If LCD materials that allow quicker response are combined, "The MPRT can be reduced by about 5 ms," said JVC.

The resolution is 1024 x 768. The company has not revealed detailed information including the LCD panel's display format and the schedule of the volume production for the panel, either.