The Nissan Skyline Coupe unveiled at CEATEC
The Nissan Skyline Coupe unveiled at CEATEC
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Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. announced its new "Skyline Coupe" at CEATEC Japan 2007. This coupe is a brand-new model just announced Oct. 2, 2007.

Nissan not only revealed the new model coupe but also sent its Executive Vice President Mitsuhiko Yamashita to deliver a keynote speech, demonstrated its cutting-edge technologies outside and announced the new functions of its "Nissan Car Wings" information service for automobiles at CEATEC this year.

Considering that electronics technologies are essential in improving automobile safety, comfort and addressing environmental issues, the company wanted to put forward that attitude at CEATEC, in which most exhibitors are electronic equipment manufacturers, Nissan said.

"The cost of electronics accounts for 1/3 of the total price of an automobile today," said Nissan. "The total cost of automobile electronics exceeds that of home appliances like those showcased at CEATEC." The company continued, "Automobile manufacturers can't keep up with the evolution of electronics technologies alone. We wish to promote communication with electronics manufacturers at CEATEC."

Nissan demonstrated three kinds of technologies outside, namely (1) the "Around View Monitor," which shows the view around the car as if it was being viewed from the top, (2) the "Distance Control Assist (DCA)" system, which draws the driver's attention by exerting resistance on the acceleration pedal when the distance to the vehicle in front of the car is too short and (3) a safety support system that informs drivers of automobiles equipped with a 3G mobile phone access module of the presence of pedestrians carrying a 3G GPS mobile phone.