Hitachi's mobile IPTV terminal reference model
Hitachi's mobile IPTV terminal reference model
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Hitachi Ltd. has prototyped and displayed a mobile TV for IPTV broadcasts as a reference presentation at CEATEC Japan 2007. Assuming that the resolution of distributed videos will rise in the future, the TV terminal features a 5-inch yet fine LCD panel supporting WVGA resolution.

"The panel can render video at the same resolution as printed images," said a company spokesperson, stressing the LCD panel's high resolution of 312 ppi.

The company chose the 5-inch screen display with the aim of "making the device fit in a palm as well as a breast pocket," said the spokesperson. The device employs an IPS LCD panel developed by Hitachi Displays Ltd.

Along with the high resolution LCD panel, the TV device employs a unique user interface. When switching the image displayed on the screen, users trace the frame around the screen. Users can switch the displayed image by flipping the card-like pages, which show the image of each channel, through this frame touch operation.

Considering the possibility of the display surface becoming soiled with fingerprints and so on, Hitachi has no intention of using a touch panel.