Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. has formed the "HD-PLC Alliance," an industry organization aimed at promoting the company's high definition power line communications technology, "HD-PLC."

Along with Panasonic Communications Co. Ltd. and Matsushita Electric Works Ltd., Japanese peripherals manufacturers also participate in the alliance. Other power line communication specifications include "HomePlug" being formulated by the HomePlug Powerline Alliance, in which Sharp Corp. and Intel Corp. participate, and the specification promoted by Design of Systems on Silicon S.A. (DS2) of Spain.

Matsushita aims to make HD-PLC the PLC industry's standard technology by increasing the number of peripherals manufacturers, etc., that support it.

HD-PLC uses Wavelet OFDM for data transmission. Matsushita secures maximum data rate of 190 Mbps (effective rate of 80 Mbps). Panasonic Communications provides modules for embedded use as well as adaptors for home.

The HD-PLC Alliance plans to present compatible products and prototypes at "CEATEC Japan 2007" slated for Oct. 2 through 6, 2007. The organization is expected to showcase PLC adaptors and PLC routers. The organization has also prototyped a digital TV and a media player with a small built-in HD-PLC transceiver module and is likely to bring them to the show as well.