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NSK Ltd. developed a variable steering system that is mountable on a column type electric power steering (EPS) system.

The variable steering system can control the front wheel turning angle with respect to the steering operation in accordance with the driving conditions. With the adoption of a small decelerator based on the new compact mechanism, the variable steering system can be provided integrally with a column type EPS system. As a result, the variable steering system can be mounted on various types of vehicles, i.e. not only large cars but also medium and small ones.

In addition, NSK's latest system can actively control the steering angle independently from the operation by the steering wheel. Therefore, it enhances the safety and driving performance of vehicles, such as active safety and active steering, when it is incorporated in the integrated vehicle management system along with the engine, brake, etc.

A variable steering system is utilized mainly in luxury and large vehicles. By varying the front wheel turning angle in accordance with the driving speed, the system can provide a comfortable steering feeling that enables both the hard cornering at a lower speed and the stability at a higher speed.

Furthermore, the system prevents accidents due to driver error or variations in the road surface by actively controlling the front wheel turning angle, thereby enhancing the safety without sacrificing the dynamic performance of the vehicle. Meanwhile, a column type EPS system is widely used in medium and small vehicles as well as large ones because of its excellent mountability. NSK will exhibit the product at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show 2007.