Hitachi Ltd. has developed a 1.9-mm ultra slim 32-inch LCD TV. The company aims to start volume production of this LCD TV within fiscal 2009. The prototype will be displayed at "CEATEC Japan 2007," which opens Oct. 2, 2007.

Sharp Corp. also revealed its slim LCD TV in August 2007. This prototype was a 52-inch model, and its thinnest part was 2 cm. If compared only in terms of thickness, Hitachi's prototype is 1 mm slimmer than Sharp's.

At CEATEC Japan 2007, Sony Corp. is also expected to show an OLED TV, which boasts slimness as one of its key features. Sony announced it will release the OLED TV product within 2007. Ultra slim TV manufacturers are likely to exhibit part of their battle over market leadership at the upcoming CEATEC.