One of our purposes in purchasing an iPhone is to disassemble it in the hope of learning its design concept. We enlisted cooperation from some engineers who work for Japanese companies in Silicon Valley and set out to dismantle an iPhone.

The engineers started with black resin part in the lower back of iPhone. We inserted a tool between the black part and silver chassis that covers most of the back surface. Apparently, the chassis is made of aluminum.

Removing the black cover in the lower back of an iPhone

After a few minutes of struggle, the black cover came off, showing an antenna component attached to the body by insulation film. There seem to be two types of antennas, and "APPLE" is printed on the film.

An antenna component appeared.

And now the engineers started to detach the silver back cover. A few screws were removed, but it was not easy to take out the cover probably because the covers were combined together fairly tightly. Bit by bit, we inserted the tool between the back cover and the rim of the shiny and silver front cover.

Removing the back cover

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Finally, the back cover came off. And we found that it was mounted with an earphone jack, an motor to vibrate the phone and so forth and connected to the main circuit board by a flexible substrate.

On the side of the main body, what attracted our attention first was a secondary battery that occupied more than one third of the surface area. Covered by a shield, the main circuit board is seen in the upper part of the chassis.