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NEC Electronics Corp. announced that it has started to ship samples of CE131, an image processing LSI for use in phonecams that can process image data of up to 8 megapixels, which corresponds to 1.6 times the resolution of the existing model.

The LSI is incorporated between the CMOS sensor and application processor in a mobile phone. It functions to display signals input from the sensor on the mobile phone screen and to make the signals printable on a printer.

The LSI has an interface for a 512 Mbit external memory, which is double the capacity of that used in the existing model, thereby allowing the processing of 8 megapixel image data.

Further, it can extract image data while suppressing the disturbance in image signals input from the CMOS sensor. Two types of correction circuits are optionally available.

One is a circuit to make the colors of captured image data resemble those of the subject as much as possible. The other can correct images resulting from camera shake at the time of shooting.

Sample price is 4,000 yen. Volume production is schedule for October 2007. The company reportedly expects the monthly production of 1 million units.