NEC Corp. and NEC Personal Products, Ltd. have started marketing models featuring a one-year warranty from their "NEC Refreshed PC" series. The companies claim they are the industry's first recycled PCs that come up with a one-year warranty from a hardware manufacturer.

The companies purchase used NEC PCs, erase data in their hard discs, clean up their appearance, install OSs and software and market them for resale as the NEC Refreshed PC series products. The one-year warranty targets models which were launched roughly within a year. Of those products, the companies choose ones that run sufficiently and have fewer scratches on surface, and then refresh and sell them. They have marketed the series products attached with 6-month warranty thus far and will continue to sell models excluded from the one-year warranty targets as "6-month warranty models."

The companies will also attach applications equivalent to those of brand-new models and preinstall Microsoft Corp.'s "Microsoft Office" in one-year warranty models. They have thus far marketed the 6-month warranty models, some of which were not fully (compared to brand-new models) attached with applications or did not have Microsoft Office preinstalled.