Nichia Corp. has developed a blue-violet semiconductor laser diode, whose pulsed light emission reaches 320 mW. If applied for optical discs including Blu-ray Disc (BD) and HD DVD, it allows 10X speed recording with a double-layer disc and 2X speed recording with a four-layer disc, for example. Compared to the current blue-violet semiconductor laser diode's pulsed output of 130 mW, this prototype boasts about 2.5 times stronger output, making a large leap.

The pulsed output of 320 mW was achieved with 260 mA and 5 V at a case temperature of 80 degrees. Nichia said it confirmed stable operation for 1,000 hours and estimated life of more than 10,000 hours under the same condition. Pulse oscillation's threshold current is 35 mA and threshold voltage is 3.7 V. The company explained it achieved the high power by improving the laser chip. Nichia aims to start this product's mass-production in the first half of 2008.

Correction Notice: In the original article, we incorrectly stated that Nichia Corp.'s blue-violet semiconductor laser had an "estimated life of more than 1,000 hours." The correct estimated life is more than 10,000 hours. We apologize for the mistake and regret any misunderstanding it may have caused.