Following our successful tear-down, let's have a close look at the Wii's main board. Well-considered designs aimed at low-cost manufacturing can be found here and there.

Wii's main board. This surprisingly simple design board only featured limited number of components, most of which were multipurpose products. The only exceptions were two large silver LSIs on right. Upper is "HOLLYWOOD" Wii exclusive GPU designed by ATI Technologies Inc. of Canada and lower is "BROADWAY" Wii exclusive CPU designed by IBM Corp. Bluetooth module is seen on substrate's left edge. WLAN module is silver component on substrate's bottom left. They are both Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.'s products. Flash memory chip of 512 MB for Wii Channel and other data recording was mounted on substrate's back surface. (Click the photo above to enlarge it.)

Close-up shot of around HOLLYWOOD and BROADWAY. Korean Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.'s GDDR 3 SDRAM chip is seen on left. According to its model number, capacity turned out to be 512 Mb (64 MB). No other embedded DRAM chip was seen on board.