Mitsubishi Electric Corp. will launch "Series Z" escalators with improved safety and superior design on October 16, 2006. A sensor is installed in the vicinity of the escalator so that when a user leans over the handrail or comes close to an area with a potential danger of getting caught, an automatic voice warning will alert the user. The series comes in two models: two-person-wide "Type S1000" and one-person-wide "Type S600" with the step widths of 1,000 and 600 mm, respectively.

The escalator employs a "screwless inner deck" that eliminates screws otherwise provided in the side walls of the steps to avoid users' shoes or clothes from getting stuck in the escalator. As for usability, Mitsubishi redesigned the shape of a "comb" provided at the exit of the escalator to reduce impact when a step comes on the upper side of the escalator, thus allowing users to smoothly get on or off the escalator. The company has updated the design of floor plates provided in front and ahead of the steps to prevent the users from taking the wrong escalator while redesigning the shape and color of the steps for better appearance.

As for maintenance, an indicator provided under a key switch displays the cause when the escalator stops, and at the same time, a lamp indicates whether it is possible to resume the operation. The average speed of the new escalator series is 30 m/min. The suggested price of the glass-type Type S1000 with a balustrade lighting which features the inclination angle of 30 degrees and the story height of 4.5m is ¥1,660,000 (tax excluded), for example. When installed indoors, a high visible LED light to indicate the operating direction and "skirt guard lighting" at the sides of the steps are optionally available.