Hitachi's "Prius Deck" series PC
Hitachi's "Prius Deck" series PC
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Hitachi, Ltd. has announced its fall 2005 "Prius N series" PC products. Highlighted products include the "Prius Deck DH75N/DH73N," the industry's first PC featuring HDMI terminals, and the "Prius Air AR37N," the company's first PC that supports recording and playback of terrestrial digital broadcast video programs.

Hitachi developed the Prius Deck series, assuming the products are connected to other products, including PCs and PDP TVs, and used as a home server to download digital contents via the Internet. For this purpose, hard disc drive capacity, particularly in the DH75N, was expanded to 500 GB. On the other hand, the noteworthy feature of the Prius Air AR37N is that the PC is able to receive and record terrestrial digital broadcast video programs. It also can be connected to equipment such as PDP TVs using D plugs (D1-D4). A "B-CAS card" slot is located on the back of the Prius Air AR37 N console.

Asked why the company altered the video plug format, Hitachi's spokesperson explained, "Currently, only few TVs support HDMI plugs. However, we are certain that HDMI will be the key connection technology soon, so our plug technology will be unified around HDMI in the future." For the time being, Hitachi intends to use both D and HDMI plugs in its TVs and monitors.

Tadashi Nezu and Tetsuo Nozawa, Nikkei Electronics