Ampex Corp. will sign agreements to license its patented technologies related to digital image storage and search functionality with Casio Computer Co., Ltd. and Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd. Total license fees to be collected from these companies will reach 3 million US dollars. According to Casio, "Details of the license fee for each company have yet to be specified." Ampex will also receive royalties from product sales.

Under the agreements, Ampex will allow Casio and Samsung to use its patented technologies in the US and other countries for the manufacturing and sales of digital cameras. Ampex has already signed agreements licensing these patents to Canon Inc., Olympus Corp., Victor Co. of Japan, Ltd., Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Pentax Corp., Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. and Sony Corp. Ampex said it is also currently negotiating license agreements with other digital camera and mobile phone camera manufacturers.

Hiroki Yomogita, Nikkei Electronics