The partially-remodeled "Axela"
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Mazda Motor Corp announced Aug 24, 2017, that it will partially remodel the "Axela" compact car and release it Sept 21, 2017.

The new model has the "i-Activsense" preventive safety technology as a standard feature.

Mazda plans to equip its five major vehicles (Demio, Axela, Atenza, CX-3 and CX-5) to be released in Japan with the i-Activsense as a standard feature within fiscal 2017 (See related article). With the new Axela, the company has equipped all of those vehicles with the system.

The technologies employed for the partially-remodeled Axela as standard features include a (1) collision damage reducing brake that detects vehicles and pedestrians, (2) AT erroneous start preventive control, (3) lane departure warning system (LDWS), (4) blind spot monitoring (BSM) and (5) rear cross traffic alert (RCTA) and (6) variable light distribution headlight.

The BSM notifies the driver of following vehicles running in adjacent lanes at the time of changing lanes. The RCTA detects vehicles approaching from the side when the user's car is backing in a parking area, etc.

In addition to those technologies, the new Axela is Mazda's first vehicle equipped with a function called "360° View Monitor." It enables to check the surrounding conditions of the vehicle when the vehicle is running at a low speed in a parking area, on a narrow road, etc by using a monitor.

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