Looop Announces New Discount Plan for Its Power Supply Service

For those who purchase storage battery solution

2017/09/09 13:04
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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Looop Inc (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo), which runs solar power generation-related businesses, added a discount plan to its "Looop Denki +" power supply service for low-voltage consumers (both households and business consumers) Sept 4, 2017.

In the new plan, "Looop Denchi Wari," electricity charges are discounted when Looop's "Looop Denchi" storage battery solution is introduced.

Looop Denki is a pay-as-you-go power supply service with no basic charge. There are two plans: "Ouchi Plan" for households and "Business Plan" for business users (including some households). Also, the Looop Denki + service offers a discount electricity rate to households that install solar power generation facilities and sell electricity generated to Looop.

Looop Denchi Wari discounts electricity charges by ¥3/kWh on the condition of the introduction of the Looop Denchi storage battery solution. Also, it can be combined with the discount service for those who install solar power generation facilities. So, it can discount electricity charges by up to ¥5/kWh. Customers who are already subscribing to Looop Denki can be eligible for the discount service by purchasing Looop Denchi.

The new plan is targeted at those who purchased Looop Denchi in the service area of Looop Denki, which is the entire Japan excluding Okinawa and isolated islands. The discount price is applied after the first meter reading after starting the operation of Looop Denchi.