Mitsuoka Motor's "Fusion" sleeping/funeral car
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A side view
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A rear view
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The interior of the car
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Mitsuoka Motor Co Ltd developed the "Fusion" sleeping/funeral car based on minivans.

It features both convenience as a sleeping car and functionality as a funeral car. It can carry a dead body from a hospital to a funeral home (as a sleeping car) and from the funeral home to a crematory (as a funeral car). Mitsuoka makes the Fusion based on Toyota Motor Corp's "Alphard," "Vellfire," "Estima," etc. Its price starts from ¥4,665,600 (approx US$42,686).

In Japan, two different cars are normally used as sleeping and funeral cars.

"It is difficult to go to the hospital by an apparent funeral car (with consideration for patients in the hospital," Mitsuoka said. "We considered that, with a car that does not look like a funeral car, it can be used as both sleeping and funeral cars."

Mitsuoka succeeded in designing the sleeping/funeral car without increasing the wheelbases of the original cars. This is the company's first vehicle that can be used for two purposes.

The price of the Fusion is about 30% lower than those of existing funeral cars developed based on Toyota's "Crown," etc because the new vehicle does not require major changes such as the cutting of a frame and welding.

"In recent years, inexpensive styles such as 'family funerals' are becoming popular," Mitsuoka said. "With the lower cost of using cars, the cost of a funeral can be lowered."

The Fusion based on the Alphard measures 4,915 (L) x 1,850 (W) x 1,880mm (H), and the length and width of the stretcher/bier are 2,100 and 620mm, respectively. The car is for three passengers.

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