Tesla Speaks on Industrial Power Storage Systems (2)

2017/08/13 18:15
Shinichi Kato, Nikkei BP Intelligence Group, CleanTech Institute
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Continued from Tesla Speaks on Industrial Power Storage Systems (1)

Total capacity exceeds 20GWh for EVs, 300MWh for power storage systems

Tesla has already delivered more than 200,000 electric vehicles, which means that storage batteries with a total capacity of more than 20GWh have been delivered with these electric vehicles. As for power storage systems, the company has delivered storage batteries with a total capacity of more than 300MWh in the "Powerwall," for residential use, and the "Powerpack," intended for industrial use, according to his explanation.

The operation state of the power storage systems and electric vehicles can be checked by smartphones and other devices. Regarding electric vehicles, intervals of charging and driving as well as driving distance and speed can be checked. The data is used to improve the convenience of customers and is useful for the development of products and services by Tesla.

Tesla also develops software and systems for monitoring and control, which, he said, also contributes to usability of the electric vehicles and improvement of its services.

The company also incorporates an integrated production system at one factory for production of solar panels.

The production base of solar panels is the "Giga Factory 2," which is being constructed in Buffalo, in New York State (Fig. 5). The building is constructed by Tesla, and Panasonic will introduce the battery cell production equipment and manufacture cells in a manner similar to that of the "Giga Factory" for storage battery production. Tesla will manufacture the "Solar Roof," a solar panel integrated with a roofing material, at the same factory. The company plans to increase the annual production capacity to 1GW by the end of 2019.

Fig. 5: The solar panels are also manufactured integrally, including production of cells. The "Giga Factory 2." Cells are manufactured by Panasonic, in a manner similar to that of storage batteries. (photo: Nikkei BP)

The solar panels are sold by SolarCity, which is the largest supplier of residential solar power generation systems in the US and has installed systems with a total output of more than 1GW.