Gaia Power Sets Up 2.7MW Solar Plant on Former Quarry in Hyogo

Yingli's solar panel, TMEIC's PV inverter

2017/08/10 03:19
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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"Yura Power Plant" (source: Gaia Power)
The ceremony to celebrate the completion of the plant (source: Gaia Power)

Gaia Power (Anan City, Tokushima Prefecture) completed a solar power plant with an output of about 2.7MW in Sumoto City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, and had a ceremony to celebrate the completion of the plant Aug 3, 2017.

For the mega (large-scale) solar power plant, "Yura Power Plant," Gaia Power provided engineering and construction services. The power producer is GP Yura LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gaia Power.

The plant started operations in August 2017. It is expected to generate about 3,010,000kWh of electricity, which is equivalent to the amount consumed by 930 households, per year. It can eliminate about 1,520t of CO2 emissions per year.

The solar panel and PV inverter employed for the plant are products of Yingli Green Energy Holding Co Ltd and Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corp (TMEIC), respectively. Solar panels were installed at an angle of 10° on mounting systems integrated with one pile running in the north-south direction. The foundation and mounting system are made of aluminum and resistant to heavy salt damage.

The site of the plant is located in the middle of Awaji Island and had been used as a quarry until 2005. Since then, it had been idled. For the construction of the plant, Gaia Power obtained a permission to develop forest land based on the Forest Act.

The company gave consideration to the surrounding environment by taking measures against rock fall on slopes, building a balancing reservoir to temporarily store rainwater and planting trees on the former drilling site of the quarry.

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