Hybrid Kinetic Group President announcing the new vehicle
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The turbine generator of the vehicle
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The position of the lithium titanate battery
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Hybrid Kinetic Group Ltd announced a series-hybrid vehicle at Auto Shanghai 2017, which was open to the public from April 21 to 28, 2017.

The Hong Kong-based company plans to start volume production of three models (sedan, five-seat SUV and seven-seat SUV) of the vehicle in three years. The sedan was exhibited at Geneva Motor Show 2017 in March 2017. The prices of the three models have not been decided yet.

With the series-hybrid system, the vehicle is an electric vehicle equipped with a generator in a sense. It can keep running just by supplying fuel to it as if it is a gasoline vehicle. There is no need to newly build infrastructure for energy supply, and existing gas stations can be used for the vehicle.

The engine of the series-hybrid vehicle does not directly drive the tires, eliminating the need to cope with load fluctuation caused by startup, acceleration, etc. The engine can be steadily operated at the most energy-efficient rotation speed.

For the newly-developed small turbine generator, space rocket technologies were used. Its design life is 50,000 hours, and it requires no maintenance until it is used for 10,000 hours, according to Hybrid Kinetic Group.

For the vehicle, a lithium titanate battery developed by the company was employed. The energy recovery efficiency is higher than 30%. It can be continuously charged/discharged more than 50,000 times. When the vehicle is fully charged with "discharging fuel," its drive range is more than 1,000km (approx 621 miles), according to the company.