Shanghai Tower
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Mitsubishi Electric Corp developed what it claims is the world's fastest elevator featuring a speed of 1,230m/min (approx 45.9mph).

The company will apply the new technology to an elevator in Shanghai Tower, a building that is 632m high above the ground, in Shanghai, China.

For the new technology, Mitsubishi Electric first developed a winding machine and a control panel to enhance operation and controllability. For the winding machine, the company employed an energy-saving permanent magnet motor and a high-safety braking system.

Also, Mitsubishi Electric adopted a parallel operation system using two control panels. Because regenerated energy can be effectively used, power consumption can be reduced, the company said.

As a hoisting rope, Mitsubishi Electric used a wire rope whose strength per unit mass is higher than that of conventional cables in the aim of dealing with super-high lift. To further increase safety, the elevator is equipped with a multi-stage shock absorber, emergency stop device, speed governor and other safety devices supporting ultra-high speed and high lift.

Furthermore, to improve ride quality, the elevator comes with a dedicated active roller guide that prevents rolling caused by curved rails and wind pressure. The elevator car has a streamlined wind-resistant cover that can reduce wind generated around the car. And it is equipped with a device that controls air pressure in the car to reduce discomfort caused by ear pain, etc.

Mitsubishi Electric will apply the new technology to one of the three elevators connected to the observation floor of Shanghai Tower in consideration of the height required for the hoistway. The elevator moves at a speed of 1,080m/min or 1,230m/min in accordance with usage situation. It takes about 53 seconds to move from the second basement floor to the 119th floor (observation floor) at the fastest rate.

The elevator is manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric Inazawa Works (Inazawa City, Aichi Prefecture) and installed by Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co Ltd, which runs an elevator-related business in China.