[Nintendo Switch Teardown (4)] Main Board, Carefully-protected Battery

2017/04/04 10:10
Nikkei Technology Online Teardown Squad
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Continued from [Nintendo Switch Teardown (3)] Mechanical Cooling Fan in Main Unit

We continued to break down the main unit. After removing the shield, we found elaborate measures against heat, which are uncommon in tablet computers. It looked like a notebook computer because there were an electric fan, heat pipe, etc. Moreover, when the battery was removed, we found that a robust metal frame, indicating Nintendo's commitment to robustness.

The battery being detached. The battery is separated from the PCB by using a frame.

The detached lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery. Its capacity is 4,310mAh, which is more than 100% higher than the capacity of the iPhone 7's battery. The sponge around the battery was added probably in anticipation of the expansion of the battery.

The attachment used to attach the Joy-Con being removed

The removed attachment. The connector at the upper end seems to be used for communication with the connected Joy-Con as well as for charging.