When an umbrella is inserted in the door pocket of a rear door, rainwater drained out of the car.
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The closed door
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Rainwater is discharged from a space between the door and side sill.
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Suzuki Motor Corp equipped the new "Wagon R" with an umbrella stand capable of draining water.

This is the first time that such a function has been added to a light car. An umbrella can be inserted into a space in the door pocket of the right or left rear seat. Rainwater flowing down an umbrella passes through a pipe inside the door and drips onto the ground. I tested the capability of the umbrella stand at a test-ride event.

For the drainage of rainwater, the existing drainage pipe of the power window is used. A newly-made hole in the bottom of the door pocket is connected to the existing pipe. Suzuki minimized the numbers of additional parts and processes to reduce costs.

The drainage hole is closer to the outside of the car than the gasket that improves airtightness around the door. As a result, even when the door is closed, rainwater in the umbrella stand does not drip onto the floor. Actually, when I dripped water into the stand, it flew down a side sill and drained out of the car. It is likely that the stand will solve the discontent caused by a floor mat wet by rainwater.